Getting Married

Did you know that 75 percent of unmarried people rank having health coverage above dreamy eyes and nice buns as desirable qualities in a spouse? OK, we made that up, but health benefits are one of the main financial benefits of marriage, so if you're preparing to march down the aisle or curious about someday adding a spouse to your plan, it couldn't hurt to know the difference between individual and family plans and what it means to have dual coverage.


Having a Baby

Whether you're planning a family or already expecting, you know there's more than a crying baby to keep you up at night. For most people, parenthood really brings home the importance of good health coverage. But instead of wasting energy worrying, get informed so you can feel secure about your growing family's health. Learn how to find the right pediatrician or ob-gyn, learn about prenatal and preventive care for babies, and more.


Keeping My Family Healthy

Once you've got family health coverage, it's easy to switch to auto-pilot. But there's more to keeping your growing family healthy than saying "no" to second desserts. Learn about family plans, choosing the right doctors for your family (and what to ask them), and how preventive care and health care budgeting can help save you money down the road.

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